Thursday, July 10, 2008


The City of Cross Village holds their annual Independence Day Parade on July 5, so as not compete with the big on in Harbor Springs. Since Mom and Dad are friends with some people who are very active in the community, we got to drive the Morgan in the parade this year! PopPop drove it while Jeff sat shotgun and John and I rode in the back to wave.

The parade happened to fall during Owen's nap, so he couldn't make it- maybe next year! The route was really short- about 3 blocks- so we went around twice! John was a little overwhelmed so he didn't do much waving- except for when he saw TQ and Uncle Jed on the side!! How cute :) We think Mom should join the group of ladies who marched and danced in matching outfits and giant hats, what do you think??

After the parade we all went to Three Pines Studio for Gelato from American Spoon Foods (YUMMMM!!) and then to Leggs Inn which is the local (famous) Polish restaurant here. We had to wait for a table because the town was so busy that day, but they have an amazing view over Lake Michigan and a huge yard with tables and a swing. We claimed a picnic table but it was in the sun so Jeff and John stayed in the shade for a little while and played with water in a cup.

The boys were getting hungry so I busted out my stash of Puffins for them to munch on before lunch.

After a wonderful and filling late lunch nobody needed dinner, but we all needed naps! John and I took Jeff to the airport for his flight out to Rhode Island and then collapsed- what a fun filled day!


David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

Thats so cool that you guys got to be in the parade! Too bad Owen missed the excitemeent.

Janet said...

Every family loves a parade! Glad to see that John loves water as much as Jeff did when little. NOW, if Julie would like me to teach her a few Line Dance steps for next year's parade, with the BIG HATTERS, I'd be happy to do that.

Dan said...

Wait, you mean mom isn't in the parade?? can't tell ;)