Friday, July 4, 2008

Jed, Mandy and Owen came up on Wednesday and we had quite a busy visit. TQ and PopPop had arrived on Sunday and we had gotten everything ready for the week. Owen wasn't feeling very well when they arrived and nobody could figure out what was wrong- poor little guy barely ate anything for 2 days :( As bad as he felt we managed to fill his time! The evening they arrived he and John took a bath in the big jacuzzi tub- what fun!

The next morning TQ made them both cheesy eggs and they watched Blue's Clues over breakfast- isn't vacation great?!


Mandy said...

After we got home, Owen spent most of tonight talking about Aunt Abby...over dinner it was, "Abby," during bath time it was "Abby," and reading books in bed it was "Abby." I'm so glad we get to see you this weekend again!

Mandy said...

Captain John, feel better SOON! We love you!