Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun in the Sun

John had his 12 month shots on Wednesday- poor little guy. We drove into Harbor Springs to the health department and they injected both legs- one of the shots bled a ton and the last shot hurt the most, John was screaming and crying, that is until we got back to the waiting room and he saw all of the toys! To help ease his pain, we went out for a sail on the SWAN in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and there were many other boats out sailing, as well as boats heading into Harbor Springs after the Chicago-Mac to get ready for the regatta this weekend. John has become very agile on the boat- he is now able to climb onto the cockpit seats by himself, something he couldn't do just 2 weeks ago! He wears his life jacket in the dingy and then when we get settled on the big boat we put the harness on him so he has a little more mobility, that life jacket is pretty cumbersome!

It was pretty warm in the sun, and John LOVES the water so I decided to sit on the stern with him and we dragged our feet in the water. After about 30 seconds I could see this was going to be a fun game, so i took his diaper off and he got to get his buns wet! We clipped his harness in snug so if he got squirmy and I lost my grip he wouldn't go far.

After all the water fun Captain John decided Daddy wasn't doing a very good job steering, so he took over! Our little sailor :)


David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

That boy has it made! How many kids get soothed from he pain of shots BY SAILING ON THE OPEN WATER?!? My kids'll be lucky if they get a lollipop or little toy! And, he looks like he was made for it... which, I guess he was (considering his parents!). Love you!!

Janet said...

Love the pictures, especially John at the wheel! The beautiful blue water makes a terrific backdrop.

Lorren said...

What a life! It's so great how he loves the water! I love the pictures- he's such a ctie!