Sunday, May 4, 2008


Grassy Key, just north of Marathon, is home to the Dolphin Research Center. The center is home to many dolphins that do educational shows for guests as well as therapy with handicapped people. Our friend Debbie has worked there for 10 years mostly in the visual media department. She was kind enough to take John and I there one day before Jeff got home. We were invited down to one of the low platforms near the water and John got to kiss Marina the dolphin! Marina had a baby about 18 months ago, and the baby was hanging out near her mommy while Debbie, Mason, John and I were there! Check out the center at:

This is one of the older male dolphins doing therapy with a young man. They sent the dolphin out to swim fast so they could feel his heartbeat. Dolphins have been clocked going as fast as 18Mph!!

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Abby, he is absolutely adorable! Are you going to make a visit to Lauderdale?