Saturday, May 31, 2008

Up North

My apologies to everyone who is checking in for new updates! We are up north at The Queen and the Prime Minister's (my mom and dad) house. This is the largest space that John has been in ever and let me tell you, he is exploring everything! His crawling has improved by leaps and bounds and he is climbing the stairs (all wood) like a champ. He is overwhelmed with toys, including some that make noise- but he is still more interested in the things that he 'shouldn't' have. The dogs are also a new plaything, although he is not very gentile with them so they have learned to avoid him (except Quincy- Jed and Mandy's dog who is used to a baby around, he sits at the base of the highchair and waits for food and then licks off John's face when he's done eating!)

I promise I will post pictures soon- nobody has a camera here!!! Jeff and PM are driving back to Detroit today and Jeff flies to Connecticut tomorrow for a regatta. Mom and John and I are staying until Tuesday and then we'll go back as well. When we get back I'm sure there will be tons of photos taken when John gets to see his cousins for the first time in months!

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