Friday, May 16, 2008

ROADTRIP (part 1)

Jed, this one is for you! I don't have any photos to add, so you'll all just have to read.

Monday morning we were in Venice, FL for John's doctor appointment. Jeff was at the boatyard getting the boat packed away while John and I finished packing at the house (Jeff's parents house). Jeff got back around 1:30 and while he showered I packed the car- its a good thing that I had all that packing practice growing up because Jeff said we would never fit everything into the Jetta! (one of the biggest things in the car was an outboard motor, ahem, Jeff...)So we were on the road by 2ish and headed for Atlanta to see Joelle, David and the twins. We stopped for some food because I realized that I had not eaten anything all day- I was so busy packing up and cleaning the house! John (thankfully) loves his big carseat, it looks like a lazy boy- I wish I had one! He is also in a 'book' stage where he is happiest reading his books by himself, usually talking and singing as well.
We stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant just into Georgia, sitting at a table for a little while so John could have a break from the car. He really loves restaurants- sitting in the high chair backwards so he can talk to everyone there!
We knew that we still had a few hours to Atlanta at this point, ETA there was 11ish so we changes John into his jammies at the restaurant so there would be less of a stir up when we arrived at the Turner house. I tried my best to do the usual bedtime routine in the car, with me leaning over the front seat with the book, it was a tight squeeze but we managed! John had his bedtime bottle (he holds it himself 90% of the time now, thank goodness!!) and I sang some songs (again, leaning over the front seat) and he was out before 9pm. We arrived at Joey and David's around 11:30 and tried to get John quickly from his seat into the house, but he woke up and was very confused. I cuddled him in bed with us for a little while but he was really squirmy, he sat up and let out a small toot- followed by the longest toot that I have ever heard out of him! No wonder he couldn't sleep, he had bubbles in his tummy!!! After that he calmed right down and slept the rest of the night, we all even slept through the twins crying! I am so proud and amazed at how well John did on the first leg of a long roadtrip..... More to come, I have an 11 month old to attend to at the moment!

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