Saturday, May 17, 2008

Turner Twins

On our way north we stopped for a very short (too short!!) visit with Joelle, David, Lyla and Pressley Turner. The girls were born on February 29 (leap babies!) and Joelle and I have been talking a TON lately sharing stories and helping each other through many of the trials of parenthood. John liked meeting his second cousins for the first time, even if they are girls! At one point on the way to the mall he looked at me while pulling on his own hair as if to say "mommy, why am I suddenly surrounded by girls?!?!" Joelle put him in the crib with the girls while Jeff and I were out changing his car seat around, and he leaned over Lyla, supported himself between the girls, and stole Pressy's Pacifier right out of her mouth! Joelle is such a laid back and amazing Mom that she simply gave Pressy a new one and ran for the camera! He is such a silly boy, and not shy in the least about getting what he wants!!!

As much fun as John had with the girls and Auntie Joey and Uncie Dave, I think the highpoint of the visit for him was Tucker, and Tuckers toys! Tucker is the Turner Dog, a young Westie- I will try to get some pictures of him. John and Tucker are both pretty high energy, like two peas in a pod- instant buddies! It is so much fun to see how John reacts to animals, so far he loves every one he meets!

Notice that John is standing and NOT holding on to anything! My big boy!!!

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