Friday, May 23, 2008


We are now in Holland, Michigan at Jeff's parents house. We were originally going to stay in Chicago for Sarah's birthday party on Monday, but John got a bad cold (he is barking and has a really runny nose) and Jeff's allergies are so bad at Dan's that we had to leave. I was (am) pretty sad because I so wanted to be at Sarah's party and help Melissa with RibFest things! SORRY!!!!
BUT, we are here... Jeff has been able to do some work here so it has worked out well, although both of the boys are sick still. On our drive here the other day we stopped at the first rest area in Michigan at the Welcome Center and there is a wonderful children's play area! The ground is covered with the rubber stuff so its bouncy (and softer for wobbly little people!) John went on the swings and loved it and then climbed the stairs up to the slide like a champ, he was following a really cute 2 1/2 year old girl! We took him down the regular slide and he laughed, and then we noticed the tube slide which wasn't quite as steep as the open one. Jeff help him at the top while I went to the end. John looked down and grinned at me, then Jeff laid him back and WEEEEEE!!!! John went down the tube slide 4 times and LOVED it!!! It was hard to tear him away he was having so much fun, but we packed him back into the little Jetta and off we went. I have a few pictures on my phone of the slide, I'll work on getting them off soon...
Holland is nice, although the house is not baby-proofed at all which is a challenge with an increasingly mobile little man. He is crawling really fast now and loves to open any and all doors, drawers, toilet seats etc... basically anything he can get his hands on. Its also been pretty cool (cold) here so we've stayed in mostly, otherwise I would have taken him to the park that is near the house to play- tomorrow is another day!

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