Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy Day!

Today we got up and got ourselves in gear right away to get down to Harbor Springs to go sailing! We were packed up and in the car by 9:30 but by the time we made it there the fog had rolled in. We had to check in with the harbor master because we got a mooring (finally!) for the season, but he wasn't in the office so we went and launched the dingy and motored out to the SWAN. Jeff spent a full day earlier in the week working on the big motor for the boat so he cranked it up and we motored through the fog to the 'courtesy dock' outside the harbormasters office. We were assigned mooring #259- which happens to be the closest one to where we were just anchored! We sailed back over to it and tied up for lunch- John inhaled macaroni & cheese, puffins, and grapes before he was ready for some milk (he is such a good eater!). After lunch we went for a sail, but just around the harbor because the fog kept rolling though, it would clear up for about 15 minutes and be hot in the sun and then it would fill back in and be cold- weird weather day. These are some shots I got of John sailing with Daddy- he had such a blast on the rail! Don't worry- he is wearing his new harness under his sweatshirt!

We sailed around the harbor looking at the big houses and expensive boats for awhile, John took a nice nap below for about an hour and then we went back to the mooring- we had errands to run! We had to carry the dingy up to the beach (John got a free ride) and unload everything up to the grass ready to load the car. While we were working John played in the sand- he is finally not trying to eat it by the fistfull and it is fun to watch him explore the texture. In case you can't read it- his shirt says 'the beach is my life' Perfect?! What a handsome boy!


Janet said...

AS I looked at the sailing picture of J&J I said "OH, NO!" But then I was relieved as I read down the page, hearing that he had a harness.
Glad to hear that the three of you are keeping up on your sailing skills. Enjoy every moment.

David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

What a life!! I LOVE the pictures of John on the boat. He is one blessed little guy!!! I wonder if my girlies will ever be on a sailboat! And John's curls at the nape of his neck... Beautiful!