Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frog Pool

It has been really hot here the past few days, so the other day I went out and got a small Froggy pool for John to play in. Last night Owen came over and the boys had so much fun in the pool! We can attach a hose to the pool and it sprays like a sprinkler- Owen likes to turn the hose on, but neither of the boys like it when it sprays them in the face!

Exploring the holes that the sprinkler water comes out of.

Doesn't Owen look like a cool dude in his sunnies?!

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Lorren said...

The frog pool is adorable, but it's hard to beat the gigantic one with the slide!! Owen looks like Jed's baby pictures to me (at least the way I remember them) and John kinda reminds me of Danny. So cute!! Aren't cousins great?!