Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cross Village

For those of you who don't know where we are... Cross Village, Michigan is a small town North of 'the pinky' in Michigan, between Mackinaw City and Harbor Springs. TQ & PopPop built a house here a few years ago, last summer we spent a lot of time here and decided to come back this summer! Maybe someday we'll build out own house here, we'll see!! This summer there is the great addition of a staircase from the road down to the beach, no more hiking down the bluff or using someone else's beach access road! There is even a bench on the first landing so go watch the sunset with a glass of wine... If it ever warms up maybe we'll actually do it!

We got back here on Tuesday night after a long drive with many diaper stops, and a grocery stop. When we arrived it was after normal bedtime, John had taken 2 short naps in the car and was stir crazy from being cooped up so I put him in his jammies and let him roll while I prepared a meatloaf for dinner. He rediscovered many of the toys that he hadn't seen in a few weeks- blocks, what fun! While dinner was cooking I put him in bed and he slept without a peep until after 7 the next morning, at least I don't think he made a peep- I was pretty tired myself! After John was in bed Jeff and I settled in, had a yummy dinner and watched Animal House (its the 30th anniversary of the classic!) Jeff- if you can believe it, has never seen it!!! Unfortunately we missed the first half so we will have to watch it again, but he liked what he saw of it! Although the phones are out and its cool and rainy, it is nice to be back up here. Its peaceful and beautiful, without the distractions of the 'city'. John misses his cousins, but he is having a good time with Mommy and Daddy! TQ & PopPop are coming up this weekend with the dogs, maybe it will even warm up enough to go for a sail!

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