Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Cousins...

Yesterday we all went out to Ken and Kristen's house for dinner. Ariana (6), Parker (4), Owen (2) and John- it was so much fun!!! They have this huge waterslide thing in their backyard that is a bit like a moonwalk think, with continuous air and water being pumped through and on it- The kids had a blast, even John liked splashing in the water and me helping him down the slide! They also have a big swingset that has a small rock wall on one side- Kristen and I were talking on the grass when I looked over and John was already at least a foot off the ground climbing it! I kept my hand on his buns just in case, but he managed to climb the rest of the wall! I decided that John has absolutely NO idea that he is only 1- he thinks he is just as big and strong as the other kids! It is really fun to see them all interact with one another, while we all enjoy a nice glass of wine. Thanks Ken and Kristen! It was so much fun, we should do it more often!!!!!

Even Pop took a few turns on the slide! I have a video of it, I just have to figure out how to load it :)

Yes, that is John's hand IN PopPop's beer glass... Ari thought he was so funny! Poor John smelled like beer all evening after that.


Lorren said...

That's the coolest water slide I've ever seen! And your dad looks like he is LOVING being a grandpa! How sweet! I bet the grandkids love him, too!

Last Paradise said...

Yeah, even the neighbor kids from across the street who were over playing were calling him PaPa!!! He's amazing.