Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leaving GP

Tuesday morning we packed up the Suburban and headed back up north. Before we left, TQ and John had a snuggle in the chair that has been around since Danny was a baby! All 3 of us were rocked in that chair, simultaneously I am sure! TQ and John have their 'thing' which is to go nose to nose and scream at each other, it is so funny to watch- but loud! Often, John bites TQ's nose, and then falls into a fit of giggles, its really cute :)

Jed, Mandy, Owen and Quincy came over while we were packing to play with John one more time- we won't see them again until the Mackinac race in July!! John will miss playing with his cousin, and I will miss hearing Owen say "Ahh Bee!!" Its so cute! Hopefully the phones up here will be back on soon so I can call down there and talk to him!
Mandy read books with the boys, they don't often sit on the same lap (a little jealousy maybe?) but TQ was able to get a few pictures of them reading before they squirmed.

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