Thursday, June 5, 2008


Today was a busy day! We started by going out to Costco to get us a new camera- finally! There was a Panasonic on sale with a $70 rebate at the register, not too shabby! From there we ran home and had lunch, John fell asleep in the car and he stayed asleep even through me getting him out of his seat in putting him in bed! Mom and I ate lunch and I puttered with the new camera while John slept and he woke up just at the perfect time to leave for our haircuts!

The hair place is the same place I have been going to since 6th grade, we have stayed there through numerous stylists and decor changes! The new guy they have doing the washing was studying to become a massage therapist- he truly should go back to school because it was the best head massage I've ever had!!! I decided to go pretty short this time, hopefully John will be a little less interested in pulling all of my hair out. Let me know what you think!

Just as Maureen was finishing mom's hair, Mandy called and invited us over to play. I love getting the boys together and watching them interact- I just wish Ari and Parker lived closer so we could all be together! Hopefully this weekend.... John was so funny this afternoon- he has been walking more and more since watching Owen, just in the past few days he seems to have been completely inspired! Owen was standing not too far from John and I guess John decided he needed a hug- John started doing his 'frankenstein' walk over to owen and gave him a big bear hug- twice!!! Owen was a little freaked out and we couldn't get them to do it again for the camera. John is a little ham and was so proud that he made everyone laugh and cheer!
Thank You MANDY!!! She took the pictures of John and I- I am usually behind the camera and we have very few pictures of us together!!


David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

I feakin LOVE your haircut!!!!!!! Now you make me want to get mine cut short!! I love it, love it, love it!!!!

Janet said...

These pictures are precious.